Definition of Dead Rubber

What is the meaning of the term Dead Rubber when it comes to sports?

A Dead Rubber is used to describe a match in a series that has already been decided. In soccer for example, if a team has a large advantage from the first leg match in a tournament, the second leg match is called Dead Rubber, as the chances of the losing team to overturn the deficit are minimal.

The definition and meaning of the term Dead Rubber, often used in sports.  Example and illustration provided.A real life recent example would be a match between Manchester City and FC Basel in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, where City have a 4-0 advantage from the first leg. The chances of FC Basel coming to the Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City are undefeated during the entire 2017/18 season, and winning 4-0 or 5-1 are very slim. This match is called a Dead Rubber match.

Another example, this time in the sport of tennis, would be the fifth and last Davis Cup match, when the score is 3-1 and one nation has already secured advancement to the next round of the tournament. Regardless of what happens in the fifth match, it makes no difference. A such match is called Dead Rubber.