Definition of De Topper

While the major footballing rivalry of the Netherlands shows up in the form of Der Klassieker between Ajax and Feynoord, there's another rivalry that includes the Amsterdam club. It's known as De Topper and is a rivalry between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven.

What derby is called De Topper - Ajax vs. PSV Eindhoven - Amsterdam - Holland.  Bet on it!While the traditional battle for league supremacy in the Netherlands comes between Ajax and Feynoord, PSV has fought and continued to fight their way to the top over the years. Most recently, they broke Ajax's 4 year league-winning streak in 2015 before defending it in 2016 and winning it again in 2018. PSV also became the first Dutch club to make it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League since 2007.

The rivalry is fairly even in regards to on-field results. In the league, at the time of this writing in 2020, PSV have won 53 games to Ajax's 50, with 25 draws between them. The Dutch Cup has seen more Ajax victories, as has the Dutch Super Cup.

The rivalry is not quite as high-profile nor as intense as something like that between Liverpool and Manchester United, where players refuse to transfer directly between the two clubs. James Fofana in 2014 is the most recent PSV player to join Ajax, while Nick Viergever (2018) is the most recent Ajax player to join PSV.

It seems that this rivalry will only continue to become more intense if PSV continue their recent trend of success. It is hard to see it becoming as intense as Der Klassieker, but you never know what might occur. The success of another club can certainly rile fans who are used to success (like those of Ajax).