Definition of Daily Total Runs

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What does the term "daily total runs" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "daily total runs"?

The "daily total runs" line means that you are betting on if the COMPLETE slate of baseball games on any given day will go above or under a certain total.

The King explains the meaning of the sports betting term - Daily Total Runs when it comes to the sport of baseball.  In photo:  Vintage baseball.  Player about to hit the ball.For instance - let's say that there are 10 Major League Baseball games on the schedule.

The "daily total runs" total might be set at 93.5, making the line look like this:

Over 93.5, -115
Under 93.5, -105

So, you would need to add up all of the runs scored in every game to arrive at the total.

So, if you think that today will be a very high-scoring day of baseball, you'd want to take the "Over".

If you take the over and there is a total of 111 runs scored on the day, you would easily win your bet.


Most sportsbooks will offer the "daily total runs" line or some sort of variation of it on a daily basis.