Definition of CROE (Catch Rate Over Expected)

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What does the term CROE (Catch Rate Over Expected) mean in the world of football? What is the CROE metric used for?

The Catch Rate Over Expected metric is essentially used to measure how good a pass-catcher is at making tough catches.

How is Catch Rate Over Expected measured?  What is it, when it comes to American football?  The King explains.  In photo:  Bengals player with the catch.CROE is measured in terms of a pass catchers' catch rate compared to their expected catch rate.

So, if a player has a catch rate of 64% and an expected catch rate of 57%, this would give them a CROE of 7% (64% - 57%).

The higher the CROE, the better.

A number of factors are used to calculate CROE, including separation from defensive player and speed.


Truly elite wide receivers will usually create a great deal of separation, which is why the top names will usually not have the highest CROE scores in the league.

George Pickens, for instance, has a high CROE, as he doesn't create as much separation as other wide receivers, though he still makes very tough catches that are highly contested.