Definition of Correct Score

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What does the term "correct score" mean in the world of betting? What is meant by the "correct score" line?

The "correct score" lines are most frequently used in sports such as football, soccer, hockey and baseball.

With the "correct score" lines, you are betting on what you think the correct score of the game will be.

As you can imagine, the payoffs for these bets are very, very high, as they are very hard to hit.

What is the meaning of the term Correct Score when it comes to betting on sports?  The King explains.  In photo: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers player with the ball.-

For instance - let's say that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing the Cincinnati Bengals.

You will see a large number of different lines to bet on - for instance:

Buccaneers 10 - Bengals 7, +25000
Buccaneers 13 - Bengals 6, +47000
Bengals 13 - Buccaneers 6, +45000
Bengals 17 - Buccaneers 3, +45000

The list goes on and on.


With the massive potential payouts of these bets, many people will put down a number of smaller bets on the correct score of a game in order to increase their chances of winning.

With many of the correct score lines paying out at well more than 100/1, you will have more of a chance to win if you bet on more lines.

Having said that, the "correct score" bet odds are tilted greatly in the direction of the online sportsbook, and they are a great place to go to lose your bets.