Definition of Corner Handicap

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What does the term "corner handicap" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "corner handicap"?

The "corner handicap" line allows you to bet on which team will have the highest number of corner kicks in a game, while also introducing a handicap.

What is the Corner Handicap?  The King explains the meaning of the popular betting term.  In photo: Mohamed Salah is taking a corner kick for Liverpool FC.For instance - El Salvador is playing Canada in a World Cup qualifying game, and the line looks like this:

Corner Handicap

El Salvador, +2, 1.90
Tie, -2, 7.00
Canada, -2, 2.30

So, according to these odds, Canada is expected to lead the game in corner kicks.

If you like the El Salvador corner kick side but would like some breathing room, you'd probably want to take El Salvador +2 at 1.90.

Let's say that you bet this line and Canada finishes the game with 5 corner kicks, while El Salvador finishes with 4.

You get the +2 handicap in your favour, so you would win your bet, as El Salvador would technically finish with 6 corner kicks.

If, however, Canada finished with 6 corner kicks and El Salvador finished with 4, you would lose your bet, as the "Tie" line would actually win.