Definition of Both Teams To Score

What does the "both teams to score" line mean at sports books? What is the definition of the term "both teams to score"?

You have likely seen a line that looks something like this while looking up the odds for an upcoming sporting event:

"Both Teams to Score"

This line is pretty straightforward - let's look at an example:

Definition of Both Teams to Score - Sports Betting DictionaryBoth Teams to Score

Yes, 1.61
No, 2.20

Let's say that Man City is playing host to Chelsea, and the line looks similar to what I have posted above.

If you believe that both teams are going to score over the course of the match, you would want to take the "Yes" line at 1.61.

If you believe that one or both of the teams will be unable to score, you would want to take the "No" side.

So, if you take the "No" bet and the final score is 1-0 for Man City, you would win your bet. If Chelsea ended up winning 2-1 and you took the "Yes" line, you would win your bet.


The "both teams to score" bet is a good bet to make if you are unsure as to who is going to win the game, or if you don't particularly want to cheer for one individual team.