Definition of Blowout

What does the term "blowout" mean in the world of sports? What is the definition of the term "blowout"?

In the world of sports, a "blowout" is a sporting event that results in a lopsided victory for one team or player.

The meaning of the term Blowout in sports is explained.  Home run in baseball illustrated.The term "blowout" is most commonly associated with a tire blowing out on a car. In this case, some sort of explosion or puncture takes place, rendering the car useless until the tire is changed.

This term applies to the world of sports as well, as one team or player overwhelms another, rendering the other side seemingly useless and completely overmatched.

In a football game, one team winning 49-0 would be considered a blowout.

In a baseball game, one team winning 11-0 would be considered a blowout.

In a hockey game, one team winning 7-1 would be considered a blowout.

Blowouts are beloved by the supporters of a team that are handing out the "blowout", while neutral observers don't like blowouts as they tend to be fairly boring once the game's outcome has been decided.