Definition of Big Ears

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The UEFA Champions League (UCL) trophy is sometimes referred to as "Big Ears" due to its distinctive design featuring large handles on either side.

The Big Ears trophy, or the UEFA Champions League trophy is one of the biggest prizes in club football.  In photo:  Mohamed Salah of Liverpool FC holding the trophy.The official UCL trophy has undergone various design changes over the years, but the nickname "Big Ears" has remained associated with the prize regardless of its specific appearance.

In the Spanish language, the UEFA Champions League trophy is commonly referred to as "La Orejona," which translates to "Ears." Similarly, in French, it is known as "La Coupe aux Grandes Oreilles," meaning "The Cup with Big Ears."

Winning the UEFA Champions League and the "Big Ears" trophy is seen as the pinnacle of achievement for club teams in European football.