Definition of Betting Apps

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What does the term "betting apps" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by a betting app?

In the world of sports betting, "betting apps" allow you to connect to your favourite sports betting site and place bets via mobile apps.

In this day and age, practically every online betting site allows you to download a full-featured version of their app that will work on either Android or iPhone.

What does the term Betting App mean?  The King explains.If the site doesn't have these apps readily available, I would strongly suggest moving to another site.


Betting apps are so important in this day and age because they allow you to place bets while you are away from your home computer.

So, if you are attending a soccer game in person and want to place a bet at your favourite online sports book, you can simply pull up their app on your phone and easily make a bet.

Any sports book that is even half decent will have their full range of betting options available via their app, including traditional wager, in-play bets and more.


We've seen over the past few years that the vast majority of people are using mobile apps to bet on their phones.

Sports books have responded by making apps that are almost better than the actual web sites themselves.

The mobile sports betting app that we personally use is Bet365, which you can download by clicking the link above.

Other popular sites that offer mobile betting applications include William Hill, Paddy Power and Betfair.