Definition of Best Ball

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What does the term "best ball" mean? What is meant by the term "best ball"?

"Best ball" has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, with the likes of DraftKings and Underdog Fantasy both offering million dollar best ball tournaments.

The meaning of the fantasy football term Best Ball is explained.  In photo:  NFL player about to catch a ball.Best ball is like a combination of season-long fantasy football and DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports).

In best ball, you select a 20-man roster that remains your roster for the ENTIRE year.

Each week, you receive posts from the top players on your roster at each position.

You don't need to set line-ups - the software will automatically determine which player on your roster performed the best that week, and that player's points will count towards your total.

The lineup will typically look like this:


After that, you will have 12 players on your bench as well.

So, let's say that you draft a roster that includes Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

Jalen Hurts has a very big week, while Mahomes has an off week.

Jalen Hurts will be counted for your points that week, while Mahomes will not.

Players can't be replaced. There are no waivers and no trades. Your lineup is your lineup for the entire year, and if all of your running backs are hurt, that's too bad.


With best ball, there are different "rounds", with top-scoring teams moving on to the next round.

Here is how it works on DraftKings:

There are a large number of 12-team "groups" that you will be included in when you first draft your team. So, it will be you and 11 other teams.

The first round runs from Week 1 to Week 14, and the top two highest scoring teams from each group will advance to the second round.

The second round will take place in Week 15, with the highest scoring team advancing to the third round.

The third round will take place in Week 16, with the top scoring team advancing to the finals. The finals will include everybody that is still alive, with prizes being doled out to the highest scoring teams in Week 17.

This is a quick summary of "best ball".