Definition of Battle of Alberta

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What does the term "Battle of Alberta" mean in the world of sports? What is meant by the "Battle of Alberta"?

In sports, the term "Battle of Alberta" usually refers to when teams from Calgary and Edmonton are playing each other in either the NHL or CFL.

The meaning of Battle of Alberta when it comes to NHL hockey and CFL football.  Oilers vs. Flames.  Edmonton vs. Calgary.The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers have had some intense playoff series in the NHL, with Edmonton currently maintaining a 4-1 lead overall.

The teams played four times in six years in the mid '80s, with Wayne Gretzky and company leading the Oilers to three wins out of four.

These series would usually be marked by intense play and plenty of fights, which led to the term "Battle of Alberta" being popularized.

As of this moment, Calgary currently leads the all-time series in the NHL 139-123-18-6, though Edmonton has the substantial edge when it counts (postseason play).


In the CFL, the Edmonton Elks hold the all-time advantage with a record of 128-104-3, including a record of 14-13 in the postseason.


There are also "Battle of Alberta" rivalries in other sports, such as baseball and lacrosse.