Definition of Asian Handicap Corners

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What does the term "Asian handicap corners" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "Asian handicap corners"?

With the "Asian handicap corners" line, a half corner is given or taken away from both teams to ensure that the line will produce a winner.

What is an Asian Handicap Corner line in the sport of football / soccer?  The King explains?For instance, a typical line might look like this:

Asian Handicap Corners

Everton, -4.5, 1.75
Boreham Wood, +4.5, 2.05

Notice that there is no "draw" option, as it is impossible for a team to have 4.5 corners in a game.

This is how the asian handicap works, as it prevents the possibility of a draw taking place.

So, let's say that Everton finishes with 9 corners and Boreham Wood finishes with 5.

In this case, Boreham Wood would be declared the winner of the wager, as they would have 4.5 corners ADDED to their total, giving them 9.5 for the game.

On the other hand, is Everton finishes with 11 corners and Boreham Wood finishes with just 2, the Everton -4.5 line would easily win, as the final calculation would be Everton finishing with 6.5 corners, while Boreham Wood would end up with just 2.

This is the "Asian Handicap Corners" line.