Definition of Anytime Touchdown Scorer

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What does the term "anytime touchdown scorer" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "anytime touchdown scorer"?

The anytime touchdown scorer line allows you to bet on a certain player scoring a touchdown at any point of a game.

The King explains the meaning of the football term Anytime Touchdown Scorer when it comes to betting on the sport.  In photo: Jacksonville Jaguars player is running with the ball.For instance - let's say that the Indianapolis Colts are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Michael Pittman is hurt, so the Colts will surely be leaning on Jonathan Taylor for their offense.

As a result, the top five "anytime touchdown scorer" lines look like this:

Jonathan Taylor, -145
Christian Kirk, +125
James Robinson, +175
Travis Etienne, Jr., +195

So, let's say that you believe that Taylor is going to find the endzone at least once over the course of the game.

If you bet $145 on him to score a touchdown, you could receive a profit of $100 if he finds the endzone at least once.

Taylor can score the TD at any point of the game. He can score in the first quarter, second quarter, overtime, etc. He can score through the air or on the ground.

He just needs to be credited with ONE touchdown (where he carries it into the endzone) in order to make the bet a winner.


Some people enjoy betting on lesser-known players to score a touchdown, as their payoffs are much bigger.

For instance, in the game mentioned above, Ashton Dulin is going to get more work due to Michael Pittman's injury.

His "anytime touchdown scorer" line is set at +2000, which represents extremely good value.