Definition of Any Given Sunday

What does the term "Any Given Sunday" mean? What is the definition of the term "Any Given Sunday"?

The term "Any Given Sunday" comes from the world of American football, where the majority of games are played on Sundays.

Any Given Sunday - Meaning of the term in football and life in general.  Illustration.The term is a shortened version of "On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team".

Meaning - just because a team is favored to win, this doesn't mean that the underdog doesn't have a chance of victory.


The term is now commonly used in the "real world".

The term is used to convey the thought that nobody is really counted out if they show up to play in the game.

Example: You are training for a tennis match and don't believe that there is a chance that you will beat your opponent, who has a much higher ranking than you do.

You still, however, show up to play, and end up beating him, as he didn't play very much and you played some of the best tennis of your life.

"On Any Given Sunday", anything can happen.