Definition of Ante-Post Betting

What does the term "ante-post betting" mean in the world of horse racing? What is meant by "ante-post betting"?

The term "ante-post" is partially derived by the latin term "ante", which means "before".

The "post" part of "ante-post" comes from the 1800s term "Betting Post", which was a "stake that was traditionally fixed somewhere on the betting ground" to signal the beginning of betting.

The meaning of the horse racing term Ante Post Betting is explained.  What is it?  In photo:  The race is on.So, ante-post betting refers to the betting on races BEFORE betting officially opens for the horse or greyhound race that you are looking to bet on.

Ante-post betting carries both reward and risk.

The reward comes from prices generally being more favourable compared to the day of the race.

The risk comes from the possibility that you forfeit your bet if your horse is unable to race. Whereas, on the day of the race, you'll know almost certainly if your horse is racing or not.

So - better odds, though a chance that your bet gets forfeited.


Ante-post betting can result in wildly different odds, as sportsbooks will all set their own odds for ante-post betting.

This means that you should always shop around for the best odds, provided that you are willing to take the risk of ante-post betting versus waiting for the day of the race.