Definition of Alternative Puck Line 2-Way

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What does the term "alternative puck line 2-way" mean in the world of hockey betting? What is the definition of the term "alternative puck line 2-way"?

With a traditional "puck line", bettors can bet on the outcome of a game, but with one team being "given" 1.5 goals, and the other team have 1.5 goals taken away.

The King explains a hockey betting term Alternative Puck Line 2-Way.  What is it?With the "alternative puck line 2-way" lines, you are having a different amount of goals being taken away or given to both sides.

So, let's say that the Minnesota Wild are playing the St. Louis Blues in the playoffs. The game is considered to be a coin flip.

Some of the "alternative puck line 2-way" lines might look like this:

Minnesota Wild, -2.5, 4.40
St. Louis Blues, +2.5, 1.18

Minnesota Wild, +4.5, 1.013
St. Louis Blues, -4.5, 12.50

Minnesota Wild, +3.5, 1.066
St. Louis Blues, -3.5, 7.75


So - let's say that you have a hunch that the Blues are going to destroy the Wild at home.

In this case, you might want to take the Wild -3.5 or even -4.5 on the alternative puck line.

If you took the Wild at -4.5 and they ended up winning 5-0 (or by a similar margin of 5 goals), your -4.5 bet would pay out at 12.50, which would obviously result in a massive payday.


This is the "alternative puck line 2-way" bet.