Definition of Alternative Point Spread 2-Way

What does the term "alternative point spread 2-way" mean in the world of football betting? What does the term "alternative point spread 2-way" mean?

When you bet on the NFL or college football, you will have your traditional spread - something like this:

Clemson, -7, -110
LSU, +7, -110

With the alternative point spread 2-way lines, you can choose different spreads for either team. These different spreads will have varying odds, depending on if the spread is less or more likely to happen.

For instance, you might choose Clemson -14 in the "alternative point spread 2-way" list.

You will have less of a chance of winning, since Clemson will need to overcome a two touchdown handicap instead of one, though your odds will be much better.

This line might look something like this:

Clemson, -14, +195

Alternatively, you could also take LSU +10, just to pick an example:

LSU, +10, -185

As you can see, you'd be getting a worse return on your bet, as you'd be getting an extra three points.


If you are feeling that the spread for a game is too tough to call, you might want to investigate alternative point spread 2-way to give yourself a better chance of winning.