Definition of Alternative Handicap 3-Way

What does the term "alternative handicap 3-way" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by an "alternative handicap 3-way" betting line?

What is the Alt Handicap 3-way?  The King explains the works.  Definition and meaning.The "alternative handicap 3-way" betting line is most often used for American football games.

With the "alternative handicap 3-way" betting line, the sports book sets the spread for a football game at an alternative number.

In addition, there are no half points in the spread, which means that there is a possibility for a tie.

So, an alternative handicap 3-way line might look like this:

Minnesota Vikings, -10, +225
Tie, -10, +2200
Chicago Bears, +10, -265

So, if you took the Vikings -10, you'd be in line for a significant payout ($225 in profit for every $100 wagered) if they managed to cover.

Be careful with these lines - if the Vikings ended up winning 34-24 and you took them at -10, you'd end up losing your bet, as this would technically be a "tie".

This is different from typical spread bets on the NFL, where a "push" (or tie) will result in you getting your original bet back.