Definition of Alternative Corners

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What does the term "alternative corners" mean in the world of football betting? What is the meaning of the term "alternative corners"?

Sportsbooks will set a line on the total number of corner kicks that they think will take place between two teams in a single game.

This is the "corners" line.

The "alternative corners" line allows you to bet on any number of different "corners" lines.

What type of a bet is Alternative Corners bet in the game of football?  The King explains.For instance - let's say that you think that there will only be a small handful of corner kicks in a game, though the sportsbook has set their "corners" line at 11.

An "alternative corners" line might be set at 4 corner kicks and look like this:

4 Corners

Over 4 Corners, 1.012
Exactly 4 Corners, 29.00
Under 4 Corners, 41.00

Let's go the opposite way and say that you think that there will be a great deal of corner kicks in a certain game. You might pick the 19 "Alternative Corners" line, which might look like this:

19 Corners

Over 19 Corners, 29.00
Exactly 19 Corners, 34.00
Under 19 Corners, 1.015


Alternative corners are great for when you are in the mood to gamble, as they offer potentially massive payoffs if you are right.