Definition of Alternate Rushing and Receiving Yards

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What does the term "alternate rushing and receiving yards" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "alt rushing and receiving yards"?

For NFL games, sportsbooks will usually set "rushing and receiving yards" lines for pass-catching running backs.

The betting line Alternate Rushing and Receiving Yards is explained.  What does it mean?  The King provides an example.  In photo:  Bengals player about to launch the ball.For instance, a line for Travis Etienne might look like this:

Total Rushing and Receiving Yards

Travis Etienne, 100.5 Yards

Now, many books will also offer "alt" or "alternate" rushing and receiving yards lines for the same players.

The odds will swing dramatically depending on whether the lines are below or above the "base" lines.

For instance, Etienne's "alt" lines might look like this:

50+ Yards, -1200
75+ Yards, -220
125+ Yards, +275
150+ Yards, +800

So, if you think that Etienne is going to have a massive game, you'd likely want to target the 125+ or 150+ "rushing and receiving yards" lines.


Sportsbooks usually only offer the ability to bet overs with alternate lines - for instance, you probably won't be able to find a book that lets you bet on an "Under 150+" receiving/rushing yards line for Etienne, for instance.