Definition of Alternate Rebounds

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What does the term "alternate rebounds" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "alt rebounds"?

In basketball betting, the "alternate rebounds" line allows you to bet on different over/under rebound lines for players.

What is the meaning of the betting term Alternate Rebounds when it comes to the game of basketball?  The King explains.For instance - let's say that a major book has the LeBron James rebounds line set at 7.5.

That line might look like this:

Over 7.5 Rebounds, -110
Under 7.5 Rebounds, -110

Now, here is what a couple of "alt rebounds" lines might look like:

Over 4.5 Rebounds, -825
Under 4.5 Rebounds, +675

Over 10.5 Rebounds, +675
Under 10.5 Rebound, -825

So, if Anthony Davis is sitting out of the game and you think that LeBron James is going to be all over the glass, you'd might want to take the "Over 10.5 Rebounds" line for a potentially big payday.


You'll find that bettors really like adding the high probability alt rebounds bets to their parlays to juice up their returns a bit.

For instance, the Lebron Over 4.5 Rebounds line is quite likely to hit, so adding it to a 6 leg same-game parlay might be something to consider.


These alternate rebounds lines can offer some edge if you are following players quite closely.

Maybe a player is projected to get a few more minutes due to injuries, and you think that his baseline rebounds line is low.

In this case, you'd probably want to target an "alt rebounds" line that is higher than the baseline rebounds total in order to potentially hit a bigger profit.