Definition of Alternate Passing Yards

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What does the term "alternate passing yards" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "alternate passing yards"?

When it comes to betting on football (namely, the NFL), almost all sportsbooks will offer up passing yards lines for quarterbacks.

Buffalo Bills in action.  What does the betting term Alternate Passing Yards mean?  Explained.For instance, a standard Josh Allen passing yards line might be set at something like 250.5 yards for a game.

The "alternate passing yards" lines allow you to bet on different passing yard totals (with different odds).

These lines can be below the standard passing yard line, or above.

For instance, some "alternate passing yards" lines for Josh Allen might look like this:

Over/Under 170.5 Passing Yards
Over/Under 275.5 Passing Yards
Over/Under 300.5 Passing Yards

The lower the total, the less you would make for an "over" bet, and vice versa.

For instance, let's look at two odds examples:

Over/Under 170.5 Passing Yards

Over 170.5 Yards, -700
Under 170.5 Yards, +550

Over/Under 300.5 Passing Yards

Over 300.5 Yards, +575
Under 300.5 Yards, -725


If you think that Josh Allen is going to have a very big throwing day, you'd want to target one of the higher totals, and vice versa.