Definition of Alternate Handicap Result

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What does the term "alternate handicap result" mean in the world of soccer? What is meant by "alternate handicap result"?

When betting on soccer, you can choose to bet on a "handicap" line, meaning that one team is given goals, while the other team will have goals taken away.

With an alternate handicap line, you can bet on different handicap amounts.

What does Alternate Handicap Result mean when it comes to betting on sports?  The term is explained and the example is provided.  Dictionary.For instance, let's say that there is a World Cup qualifier game between Portugal and Ireland.

The "Regular" handicap line takes one goal away from Portugal (as they are the favourite), while giving one goal to the Irish side.

An alternate handicap result line might give two goals to Portugal, or take away three goals from Portugal.

For instance, a line that gives 2 goals to Portugal might look like this:

Ireland, -2, 51.00
Tie, +2, 26.00
Portugal, +2, 1.015

Portugal is the clear favourite to win, so giving them two goals would create a MASSIVE favourite.


The "alternate handicap result" line presents some fantastic opportunities if you believe that a game is significantly mispriced.