Definition of Alternate Assists

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What does the term "alternate assists" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "alt assists"?

In basketball betting, the "alt assists" lines allow you to bet on various over/under assists lines for players.

In photo: NCAA player passing the ball.  The meaning of the betting term Alternate Assists is explained.  Example provided.  What is it?For instance, let's say that the Russell Westbook assists line is set at 6.5 and looks like this:

Over 6.5 Assists, -110
Under 6.5 Assists, -110

Now, the "alternate assists" lines for Russell Westbrook could be set at anything else - 3.5 assists, 9.5 assists, 12.5 assists, etc.

For instance, an "alt assist" line for Westbrook and its odds could look like this:

Over 9.5 Assists, +550
Under 9.5 Assists, -725

If you think that Westbrook is in line for a big game where he is distributing the ball a bunch, you'd might want to take a shot at the Over 9.5 Assists line.

If you want a bet that would be relatively easy to win (statistically speaking) but would give you a small payout, you'd want to consider the Under 9.5 Assists line at -725.


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