Definition of Alt Strikeouts

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What does the term "alt strikeouts" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "alt strikeouts"?

In baseball, the term "alt strikeouts" refers to alternative strikeout lines that are available to be bet on pitchers.

In photo: Phildadelphia Phillies baseball player about to throw a ball.  What is the meaning of the betting term Alt Strikeouts?  The King explains.For instance, let's say that the Philadelphia Phillies are playing the Cincinnati Reds.

The regular strikeouts line for Taijuan Walker is set at 4.5 strikeouts.

Now, sportsbooks will usually offer "alt strikeout" lines as well.

For instance, the "alt strikeouts" lines for Walker might look like this:

Taijuan Walker 3+ Strikeouts, -1400
Taijuan Walker 4+ Strikeouts, -400
Taijuan Walker 5+ Strikeouts, -162
Taijuan Walker 6+ Strikeouts, +130
Taijuan Walker 7+ Strikeouts, +285
Taijuan Walker 8+ Strikeouts, +560
Taijuan Walker 9+ Strikeouts, +1060

So, if you think that Walker is going to have a very big day, you'd might want to take advantage of the 7, 8 or 9+ strikeout lines.

Bettors tend to add "alt strikeout" lines into same game parlays, as it can help to juice the potential returns quite a bit.


Most sportsbooks will not offer Under lines for "alt strikeouts" - just overs.