Definition of Air Ball

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What does the term "air ball" mean in the world of basketball? What is meant by the term "air ball"?

In basketball, an "air ball" occurs when a player attempts a shot that completely misses - it doesn't touch the rim or the backboard.

The King explains the meaning of the term Air Ball when it comes to the sport of basketball.  What is it?If a player attempts a shot and has an "air ball" in a road game, the home crowd will usually greet them with chants of "AIR BALL! AIR BALL!"

Air balls are extremely embarrassing, especially for professional basketball players.


It's important to note that if a player shoots an air ball, the 24-second shot clock will not reset.

So, if time is running out on the shot clock and a player shoots an air ball and the shot clock expires, the opposing team will get the basketball.


Air balls from contested shots are more frequent in the NBA.

Uncontested air balls will usually land you on ESPN Sportscenter.