Definition of Across the Board

What does the term "across the board" mean in the world of horse racing? What is meant by the term "across the board"?

With an "across the board" bet in horse racing, you are making three separate bets on the SAME horse. They are:

The meaning of the horse racing term Across the Board is explained.  Three separate bets.1. Horse to Win
2. Horse to Place
3. Horse to Show

So, with the "across the board" bet, you would win all three of your bets if your chosen horse wins the race.

If your horse finishes in second place (or "places"), you would win two of your three bets, and if the horse finishes in third place (or "shows"), you would win one bet.


With an "across the board" bet, you are setting yourself up for a potentially big payday if your horse manages to win, as you will win a total of three bets, instead of just one.