Definition of ACL Injury

One of the most devastating injuries that a footballer can suffer is that of the anterior cruciate ligament. Commonly referred to as an ACL injury or ACL tear, this injury can change players forever. The ligament that is connected to the knee (the anterior cruciate) is damaged through contact, sudden changes of movement, or landing from a high jump.

The definition and meaning of ACL Injury in sports, with the focus on soccer.  King dictionary.Recovery from these injuries can take around 6 to 8 months, even at the most professional levels of the game. These injuries also have a more lasting impact on the players as well. Such a long time out can make a player lose an element of their game. If they were a lightning-quick runner before, they might have lost a couple levels of that speed. Not only that, but the psychological fear of re-injuring that same knee can make the player play with almost a handicap.

Radamel Falcao looked a shadow of his former self after his ACL tear in 2014, and it took at least 2 years to get back to some sort of goalscoring form. Roberto Baggio had to continually fight knee injuries throughout his career thanks to an early ACL tear, while fellow Italian striker Alessandro del Piero was forced into a deeper role following his own ACL injury. Marco Reus is another that has had his career disrupted by the injury, among many others.

An ACL injury can absolutely shatter a career, as a player might never fully recover. Especially if it continues recurring as they try to recover. While there are some world class players that have recovered to play at their best like Alan Shearer and Xavi, they are most certainly in the minority.