Definition of Accumulator Bet

What does the term "accumulator bet" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "accumulator bet"?

An "accumulator bet", or "accumulator", is also known as a "parlay".

With the accumulator bet, you are placing a single bet on outcomes from multiple games.

If you correctly guess all of the games correctly, you will win your "accumulator".

The meaning of the term Accumulator Bet is explained.  Dictionary entry.  Sports betting what is.To figure out how much you could win from an accumulator, multiply the odds from all of the different games, and then multiply this by your total wager.

So, let's say that you think that Conor McGregor will win his fight via first-round knockout, plus you think that Manchester United will win the Europa League. The two odds might look like this:

Conor McGregor to Win Via First Round KO, 5.00
Manchester United To Win Europa League, 12.00

So, we multiply the odds for these two outcomes and get 60.00 (5.00 x 12.00).

If we want to bet £10, this would put our total potential winnings at £600 (60.00 * £10).


The important things to know with an accumulator:

1) The potential payoffs are very large

2) You need to be perfect; one wrong choice and you will lose your ticket.