Definition of Acca Insurance

What does the term "Acca Insurance" mean? What is meant by "Acca insurance"?

Some of the biggest sports books in the world, including 888Sport, Paddypower and others, will offer something called "Acca insurance".

The meaning of the term Acca Insurance, as it relates to sports betting, is explained.What exactly is "acca insurance"?

"Acca insurance" is something that some sports books offer to compensate punters if they get one selection of a 4-5+ leg accumulator wrong.

While each sports book will usually offer slightly different "acca insurance", the parameters are usually largely similar:

1) Each leg of the accumulator must have had a certain minimum odds (say, 1.3)

2) A certain amount must have been bet on the accumulator (for instance, £5)

3) A maximum refund is available, and it is usually paid out in free bets

4) There must have been a minimum number of selections in the accumulator (usually 4-5 minimum)

5) You must have gotten all but 1 of the picks correct

So, how might "acca insurance" work?

Let's say that you have a fivefold accumulator. The odds for the 5 selections are 1.90, 2.00, 1.5, 2.75, 3.25.

You get four of the five picks in the accumulator correct. In normal circumstances, this ticket would be a total loss.

Many sports books, however, will offer you a refund (partial or full, depending on the size of the initial bet) via "acca insurance".

In this case, if you had bet £10 on your accumulator, your sports book might give you £10 in free bets (which might be their daily maximum) as part of their "acca insurance" promotion.