Definition of 28-3

What does the term "28-3" mean in the world of sports? What is meant by the term "28-3"?

Fans of both the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons know exactly what this means.

The meaning of the term 28-3 is explained when it comes to Superbowl football.The two teams squared off in Super Bowl LI.

The Atlanta Falcons had a 28-3 lead in the third quarter and seemed to be en route to an easy victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots.

This is the Patriots, though, and they managed to come storming back to tie the game and eventually win it in overtime.

The loss was devastating to the Atlanta Falcons, and the franchise will likely take a very long time to recover from the loss.

The win for the Patriots, on the other hand, just added to the team's legacy and legend.

If it had been any other team down 28-3 in the Super Bowl, you would have written them off.

With the Patriots, however, you just knew that they were going to make a game of it.

The Patriots, led by Tom Brady, ended up winning, and the Falcons will never, ever live the loss down.