Definition of 1st Round Leader

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What does the term "1st round leader" mean in the world of golf betting? What is meant by the term "1st round leader"?

The "1st round leader" line is pretty straightforward - you are simply betting on which player will be leading a tournament after the first round of play.

In photo: Rory MCIlroy watching the ball go high.  What is the meaning of 1st round leader when it comes to betting on sports?For instance, let's say that you think that Rory McIlory has some tremendous momentum, as he is just coming off of a big win. He has been playing really well as of late, and you think that he will continue his hot play at the Fed Ex St. Jude Invitational.

You are a bit worried, however, that he has played a great deal of golf as of late. You believe that he will start strong, though you feel as though he might tail off a bit as the tournament proceeds.

In this case, you put down a bet on McIlroy to be leading the tournament after the first round of play.

His "1st round leader" line looks like this:

Rory McIlroy, 23.00

So, if you think that McIlroy has a good chance of leading after the first round of play, you'd want to put some money down on him at 23.00.

"1st round leader" lines will offer great potential payouts, simply due to the large number of players in a field.