Definition of 1st Inning Result

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What does the term "1st inning result" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "1st inning result"?

With the "1st inning result" line, you are simply betting on what the outcome of the first inning will be.

There are three possibilities here - a tie, the visiting team being ahead or the home team being ahead.

What is the meaning of the 1st inning result when it comes to betting on the sport of baseball?  The Kingi explains.  In n photo: Chicago White Sox player with a bat, ready.For instance, let's look at a real 1st inning result line from a game between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox.

Here are the "1st inning result" lines:

Baltimore Orioles, +250
Tie, -120
Chicago White Sox, +320

So, if you believe that the White Sox will get out to a strong start and be leading after the first inning, you'd want to take the Chicago White Sox at +320, meaning that a successful $100 wager would result in a total profit of $320.

If you think that the game will be tied after the first inning, you'd want to take the -120 line, which is slightly worse than breakeven.


Here is a second example of a "1st inning result" line:

Tampa Bay Rays, +220
Tie, +110
Toronto Blue Jays, +230

If you think that the Rays are going to get out to a strong start in the game, you'd probably want to bet them at +220.


One of the biggest advantages of these lines is that they are scored quickly, so you can deploy your potential winnings in other bets right away.