Definition of 1st Drive Result

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What does the term "1st drive result" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "1st drive result"?

With the 1st drive result line, you are betting on what the outcome of the 1st drive of the game will be, REGARDLESS of which team gets possession first.

In photo:  Detroit Lions player with the ball.  The meaning of the betting term 1st Drive Result is explained.Here is a real-life "1st drive result" line for a game between the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs:

Punt, +120
Offensive Touchdown, +220
Field Goal Attempt, +430
Any Other, +500

"Any other" will include things such as turnovers, defensive touchdowns and safeties.


So, if you think that both teams will be rusty to start a game, you'd might want to bet on the "Punt" line, which would return +120 ($120 in profit for every $100 wagered) if the first possession of the game results in a punt.


When you are thinking about making a 1st drive result bet, you need to consider the offensive capabilities of both teams, as you won't be sure which team will be getting the ball first.