Fury vs Ngannou Fight Odds


If Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou ever step into a boxing ring, Ngannou will be a massive, massive underdog against the "Gypsy King".

According to BetOnline, Tyson Fury has opened up as a -1500 favourite over Francis Ngannou in a boxing match, while Ngannou is a +750 underdog.

So, in order to win $100 in profit on Tyson Fury, you would need to bet $1,500 on him.

On the other hand, a successful $100 wager on Francis Ngannou would yield a total profit of $750.

Here are the odds:

Tyson Fury, -1500
Francis Ngannou, +750


Francis Ngannou is obviously a very talented mixed martial artist with terrifying power, though Tyson Fury is the top Heavyweight boxer in the world.

Even with a great deal of training, it's hard to imagine Ngannou coming anywhere close to beating Fury in a boxing ring. Fury is an exceptionally skilled boxer, utilizing great footwork, head movement and power to defeat his opponents.

Ngannou might hit like a truck, though landing on Fury would be a very tough task in a boxing ring.


In order for this fight to happen, Ngannou would have to get out of his UFC deal (he is still the Heavyweight champion as of this moment), or the UFC would need to allow the fight to happen (very unlikely).

The odds of this fight actually happening are quite low, and the odds of Ngannou winning are even lower.

Fight Details:

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