Where To Bet on LOL, DOTA2 and Overwatch

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The world of e-sports is exploding with each passing day. To illustrate how big the market is getting, Twitch (owned by Amazon) recently inked a $90 million deal with Blizzard to stream the Overwatch League.

Betting on Esports is currently offered online by many of the biggest bookmakers.

There are tens of millions of people around the world who enjoy watching competitive gaming. In addition, there are millions of people who enjoy betting on e-sports, and as a result, all of the leading bookmakers have started offering odds on competitive leagues involving League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and others.

Here are some of the events that are currently being offered for betting:

LOL - LPL Spring Split
LOL - LCK Spring Split
LOL - EU LCS Spring Split
LOL - NA LCS Spring Split
DOTA2 - SL i-League Invitational
Overwatch - OWL
CS:GO cs_summit
CS:GO ESEA Premier
CS:GO Farmskins Championship
CS:GO IEM Katowice Quals
CS:GO SL i-League Quals
DOTA - Bucharest Major
LOL - CBLOL Summer Split
LOL - CLS Opening Season
LOL - ECS Spring Season
LOL - LGS Spring Season
LOL - LJL Spring Split
LOL - LLN Opening Season
LOL - LVP Superliga
LOL - OPL Split 1
LOL - PGS Spring Season
LOL - TCL Winter Season
LOL- TPL Spring Season
CS:GO Liga Pro Gamersclub
COD - CWL Global Pro League


Just like with football games, there are all sorts of different wagers that a person can place on a match, including:

Match Winner
Match Handicap
Correct Map Score
Total Maps Over/Under
Rounds Handicap


E-sports continues to take over the globe and with all of the money being thrown at leagues, there is no sign of this slowing down anytime soon.

Watching e-sports is exciting enough - placing a wager on the outcome takes things to an entirely different level.