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Will Scotland and Ukraine play their second round match that was originally scheduled for March?

The people of Ukraine obviously have a great deal of things to worry about right now, and qualifying for the World Cup is not one of them.

As of right now, Scotland and Ukraine are set to play in June of 2022, with the winner squaring off against Wales for one of the last World Cup spots.

The winner of Wales v Scotland/Ukraine will then immediately depart for Qatar, which is where the World Cup will be taking place.

As mentioned, this match might not even take place, as the Ukraine coach recently stated that his team will likely not be ready to play.

Odds for the June 2022 content haven't been posted as of yet, though we can look at what the odds were for when they were scheduled to play in March, according to a major European sportsbook:

Scotland, 2.38
Draw, 3.10
Ukraine, 2.95

As you can see, Scotland was being given the slight advantage to win, though it was a virtual coin flip.


Scotland finished in second place of Group F UEFA qualifying, as they finished with a top of 23 points, just four back of Denmark.

Ukraine, on the other hand, managed to make it out of a very hard group that included the likes of France, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Much has changed for Ukraine since then, and it is hard to imagine that they would be able to play in this game, nor would they likely want to.

There is a decent chance that Ukraine forfeits and Scotland moves on to play Wales, though we will obviously continue to monitor this situation.

Game Details:

Venue: Scotland
Date: June 2022