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May 14th, 2022 Update

Odds for this contest have finally been released! Here they are:

Costa Rica, 1.55
Draw, 3.4
New Zealand, 5.10

Odds are subject to change - these odds were made available by an American sportsbook - expect other books to have the odds up shortly.


The set-up of the inter-confederational playoffs for the 2022 World Cup is kind of cruel.

Four teams - Peru, New Zealand, Costa Rica and one of Australia/UAE - will travel to Qatar to play their final playoff game.

The winners will stay in Qatar for the World Cup, while the losers will need to make the long journey home.

Costa Rica and New Zealand will be battling in Qatar on either June 13th or 14th. The winner will stay in Qatar, while the loser will go home.

The oddsmakers are being lazy and haven't released odds for this contest as of yet, though Costa Rica will certainly be installed as the big favourites to win.

Costa Rica is an experienced team that finished an eyelash away from an automatic spot in the World Cup.

Canada, Mexico and the United States made the World Cup, while Costa Rica finished in a tie with the United States, though they ended up losing the tie-breaker.

This means that Costa Rica will need to play an extra game against New Zealand, though they certainly have the superior club.

New Zealand is part of the OFC, which includes a much lower level of competition.

In fact, according to FIFA's world rankings, New Zealand was the best team in the OFC, followed by Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

In short - Costa Rica is the much better team and will likely be a 1.20 favourite or better when odds are finally released.

New Zealand doesn't have much of a chance against a seasoned and talented team in Costa Rica.

Game Details:

Venue: Qatar
Date: June 13th or 14th