Bodog NHL Promo - Win Bonuses, Tickets and Swag

Published on October 24th, 2011

Few sportsbooks, whether online or on land, put the focus on the NHL and the greater hockey universe the way that Bodog does. This is why Bodog has become the first choice for wagering hockey fans throughout the world.

Another reason for Bodog’s great popularity is its approach to promotion. Throughout the NHL season, Bodog gives all of their hockey-loving clients numerous opportunities to win bonuses and prizes just for doing what they love.

Bodog’s newest NHL promo is its most lucrative yet, and it’s running right now. It allows players to win bonuses, tickets to games and even swag, such as official hats and jerseys, by placing NHL wagers and accumulating wins.

The concept behind the Bodog NHL promo is simple: Place NHL bets. Build a winning streak. Win cash and prizes based on the length of that streak. Clients can have an unlimited number of streaks between now and the deadline.

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Here’s how it works:

• Place a $20 or greater NHL bet. If you win, the streak starts, so keep building it.

• Once you win four, you start winning promotion prizes.

• Bodog keeps track of losing streaks too, and awards free bets for them.

• All single bets must be $20 or more to qualify for the streak.

• Only NHL bets on moneylines, pucklines and totals qualify for the streak.

• All bets must be unique. So if you double up, that only counts as one wager.

• The promotion ends on Monday, October 31.


• 12 wins — NHL tickets
• 8 wins — Bodog jersey
• 6 wins — Bodog hat
• 4 wins — $20 free bet

• 4 losses — $10 free bet
• 6 losses — $15 free bet
• 8 losses — $20 free bet

So there you have it. If you’ve been tempted to place an NHL bet or to give the Bodog sportsbook a shot, this is the time to do it. Cash in on the signup and deposit bonuses, and then ride this promo to huge winnings. Good luck!

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