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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Preview:

The Raptors are up against it in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals, as they are facing a 2-1 deficit on the road against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The biggest problem that the Raptors have had against the 76ers, after easily dispatching of the Orlando Magic in the first round? Getting Kawhi Leonard help. Leonard has been all-world in this series, as he has been dominant on both ends of the court, and is averaging over 30 points per game in the series.

The issue for the Raptors has been Kyle Lowry, as the Point Guard has been wildly inconsistent. After absolutely stinking out the joint in Game 1 of the series, Lowry responded with a much stronger effort in Game 2, only to disappear again in Game 3. Lowry has been absolutely terrible from three-point land in the series, and he will need to start hitting shots in order to help space the floor.

The 76ers, on the other hand, have been getting solid efforts from the likes of Embiid, Simmons and Butler, and could put a chokehold on the series with a win in Game 4.

Pascal Siakam is doubtful for the Raptors in Game 4 due to a right calf contusion. If he sits, even more pressure will be on Leonard to put the Raptors on his back.

Here are the odds for Game 4, courtesy of Bet365:

Source: Bet365
Time Stamp: May 5th, 2019 11:52 am EST
Odds Subject to Change

Toronto Raptors, +2.5, 1.90
Philadelphia 76ers, -2.5, 1.90

Over 214.5 Points, 1.90
Under 214.5 Points, 1.90

Raptors, 2.25
76ers, 1.68


After the Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Memphis, the Toronto Raptors became Canada's NBA team.

Betting on the only Canadian NBA team, Toronto Raptors, can be easily done online.A number of superstar players, including Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Demar Derozan, have come and gone from the Raptors over the years.

Thanks to changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams like the Raptors are now finding it easier to keep their star players, as they can offer more money and term to their best players. In the past, players like Derozan and Lowry almost certainly would have left the team in free agency.

The Raptors raised many eyebrows when they traded Derozan for Kawhi Leonard, as Leonard is a free agent at the end of the 2018-19 season, and has been rumored to be signing with the Lakers or Clippers. It was a different risk for the Raptors to trade for Leonard, though keeping the superstar would be a huge coup for the team.

The Raptors have never made the NBA Finals, though they came close a number of years ago when they went to the Eastern Conference Finals against Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Raptors are well-coached and have one of the brightest executive teams in the NBA, so they will likely be good for a while. With that being said, there is a very real chance that Leonard walks this summer, and the Eastern Conference is suddenly filled with great teams, including the likes of the Bucks, Celtics and 76ers.

If the Raptors lose Kawhi Leonard via free agency, they will likely be looking at a rebuild, as they would have a very hard time competing in the Eastern Conference without a bonafide superstar.


Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Betting Thoughts:

The 76ers will be looking for blood early in the contest in Game 4, as they will be looking to blow out the Raptors and demoralize them.

The Raptors will be desperately hoping to get Lowry involved in the game early on, as Lowry will need to contribute points in order to take the pressure off of Kawhi Leonard.

Many gamblers are looking at the first quarter line of -0.5, 1.86 for the 76ers, thinking that it provides some decent value, as the 76ers will be coming out of the gates strong.

The Raptors have faced some great challenges over the past couple of years, though coming back against the 76ers in this series will be near the top of that last, and it will likely fall to Kawhi Leonard to help push them through.